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25 Jan Influencer Application
Influencer Tanıt 0 667
HOW TO APPLY INFLUENCER?Tanit offers 2 options to apply for influencer. These options vary according to the number of your organic followers.1. Circle of Friends (500-2.000 followers) Influencer Application Req..
17 Aug What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer Tanıt 0 1241
What is Influencer Marketing?Influencer marketing is an effective type of marketing that we have heard frequently lately, preferred by many companies today, and can be reached directly to potential buyers throu..
14 Aug How to become an influencer?
Influencer Tanıt 0 901
How to Become an Influencer?There is a concept that we have been hearing a lot lately: “influencer”. In this article, we will talk about 'what is an influencer?' and 'how to become an influencer?'.What is Influ..
14 Aug How to Increase the Number of Organic Followers?
Influencer Tanıt 0 523
How to Increase Instagram Organic Followers?Today, a standard user spends about 40% of his waking time on the Internet. He spends most of his time on the internet on social media platforms. Today we will examin..
14 Aug Why
Influencer Tanıt 0 795
Why "tanit"?               With the exponential increase in the volume of e-commerce in the digital age, individuals resort to the method of making their own profits by branding. Today, thanks to the ease of ac..
14 Aug What are Instagram Influencer Ad Prices?
Influencer Tanıt 0 939
What are Instagram Influencer Ad Prices?You can buy the most efficient influencer advertisement by comparing the advertisement types and prices of all influencers on our site...
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