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Frequently Asked Questions

Tanıt is the influencer marketplace. It is a platform where brands can easily find the most suitable influencers and purchase collaborations.

"Tanıt" can be used both on the website and on the application, like the most well-known e-commerce sites.

Influencers can stay free on our system FOREVER. If the cooperation is purchased, the Promote commission is deducted as a percentage. In addition to this, tax deduction is also a legal obligation.

The deduction of the promotion commission has been determined as 10% for the years 2022-2023. It will vary according to the number of uses of the platform for 2024 and beyond, and it is targeted at a maximum of 15%.

Applications can be made by filling out the application form in the link within 1 minute.

1- You can share your advertising product link, shared in the confirmation email, via your social media, and tag our @tanitinfluencercom account so that the brand can discover you and make a purchase.

2- By directing the brands you are currently working with to your advertising product link, you can ensure that they purchase before each advertisement.

3- You can expect the brand to discover you on our site.

Influencers will be able to purchase cooperation within 1 minute (like buying products from e-commerce sites) by following the directions in the advertising product created according to the information in the application form.

As soon as the brand makes a purchase, an e-mail is sent to the influencers and to the Introduce admin e-mail address when there is a sale. Advertising content (advertising platform, type, date, time, content suggestion...) is also received in the mail in summary form. To see all the content, you can follow the steps of "My Account-Edit-Order History" by logging in as an influencer on the website. As an introduction, we will also inform you when the order arrives.

As soon as the cooperation is completed, approval is also obtained by the brand. After the brand approval, we turn the order as complete in our system. From this time on, every week's order is made on the Wednesday of the next week. Since the payments are made every Wednesday with the assurance of iyzico, it is not in our hands to change the date.

Brands will be able to leave comments and make 5-star evaluations after each cooperation you receive through "Tanıt". The more and more positive the number of reviews, the more the preference of brands will be directed towards you. Considering that after a while, hundreds of brands and accounts will use our platform, comments that are positive references to other brands will have a very important role in increasing your cooperation. You do not want to buy a product that has no reviews on e-commerce sites. This one is similar :)

We are completely different.

For brands, there is no other platform where you can see all the information (including prices) of the influencers in our system and make collaboration purchases without even having to contact them.

With filters such as budget, ad type, date, time, category, interest, you can find the influencer you are looking for in seconds and buy instant cooperation. We are the first and only platform in the world in this field.

In line with its vision, Tanıt was founded to represent and grow the Turkish platform abroad. Our goal is to make it easier for all influencers in the world to serve and cooperate with all brands by being on a single platform.

Thanks to the evaluation and comment advantage of our first participating influencers, they will continue to multiply their cooperation.

Brands, on the other hand, will easily find what they are looking for among hundreds (in a short time-thousands) of influencers and will realize budget-friendly collaborations.