Tanit offers 2 options to apply for influencer. These options vary according to the number of your organic followers.

1. Circle of Friends (500-2.000 followers) Influencer Application Requirements

Your organic follower count must be over 500.

Your organic follower count must be below 2,000.

Your ad prices are fixed prices based on your number of followers. You cannot change prices.

You can apply for influencer circle of friends via this link.

2. Influencer Application (+2,000 followers) Conditions

Your organic follower count should be over 2,000.

You can use your ads in all types (post, reels, story..) that you can use on social media.

You set your own advertising prices. You can change the prices later.

You can adjust the prices of all your ads depending on the ad type, day and time.

You can apply for influencer via this link.

Your influencer applications will be reviewed within 3-10 business days. Your application will be approved if the accuracy of the information and the reliability of your organic followers are appropriate.

Thanks to the information you provide after the application approval, a seller influencer account is created on Tanit on your behalf. If the seller is on your influencer account, your influencer advertising product is created according to your advertising information.

Our confirmation e-mail or, if desired, your corrections will be sent to your e-mail. Your account information and password are among the information sent to your e-mail at this stage.

After this stage, all you need to do is to direct the brands that have an agreement with you to Promote, and ensure that you buy advertisements through our marketplace. After the advertisement promotion, it should be aimed to stand out among the influencers with the evaluations of the brand. After a while, ad sales will be sent to your e-mail without your knowledge.