How to Become an Influencer?

There is a concept that we have been hearing a lot lately: “influencer”. In this article, we will talk about 'what is an influencer?' and 'how to become an influencer?'.

What is Influencer?

  Influencer literally means "influencer". With the content they produce, influencers can influence many issues, from the attitudes and behaviors of their followers to their shopping preferences, and change their minds. Influencer can be a famous person, internet phenomenon, blogger, Youtube vlogger or Instagram celebrity. These people have a loyal following and this audience benefits from the influencer's experiences, trusts, believes and adopts their shares.

Influencers can be divided into 3 categories based on the number of followers:

· Mega influencers (Influencers with over 1 million followers)

Macro influencers (Influencers with between 40 thousand and 1 million followers.)

· Micro-influencers (Influencers who are generally experts in a certain subject and have fewer followers than other types.)

How to Become an Influencer?

According to recent research, the products to be sold are; When it is recommended by real individuals, the rate of acceptance is much higher. Today, various products, pages, etc., starting from accounts with an average of 2500-3000 followers. It is possible to come across accounts that make money by promoting them. There are dozens of accounts in our country who see these promotions as a side income or who are interested in being an influencer as a full-time profession. So how do you become an influencer? In the continuation of our article!

First of all, we should state that the fact that it is a profitable business and that it is done for fun does not mean that it is very easy. There is a lot of effort and work in getting influencers who have become people known to everyone.

In order to become an influencer, you must first use your social media accounts actively and correctly. What we mean by correct use is to produce high quality content and share it at the right time. By high-quality content, we mean original, engaging content and the highest quality visuals possible. Do not forget that video etc. in a certain area. While watching content, we usually prefer the experts of the business. While doing these works, you can use the photo effects, camera angles, sharing times, etc. used by the influencers who are popular in this field. your review will shed light on your way to get started. To give an example in Instagram and TikTok, following the current trends and using the right hashtags will help you to make your page stand out.

As an influencer, one of the most beneficial points for your page to come to the fore is the interactions you receive. The more comments, the more likes and the more shares you receive, the faster your discovery and growth will be. In order to increase the number of comments made, even influencers with more than 1 million followers today try to increase the number of comments on their posts by stating that they are curious about a question or comments under their posts.

It is a fact that influencers who find the focus of attention can influence their niche audience more quickly and easily. Finding your area that you really enjoy creating content on will make it easier for you to establish a more intimate environment with your followers and ensure your continuity. Because it is very difficult for you to become an influencer with the shares you will make "once in a while". You need to produce content regularly and share with a certain content plan.

And finally, of course, it is very important to stay up to date. Repetitive content will cause you to lose followers. In the digital world, the agenda can change very quickly and it is a fact that people who can keep up with it can rapidly increase the number of followers. There will be a difference of thousands of followers and views between producing content immediately on a topic that is popular today and producing content a month later. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter etc. Do not forget that the algorithms of social media applications are constantly changing and if you solve these algorithms, you can reach people more easily.