How to Increase Instagram Organic Followers?

Today, a standard user spends about 40% of his waking time on the Internet. He spends most of his time on the internet on social media platforms. Today we will examine Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

According to researches, Instagram is used by approximately 40 million users in Turkey and more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide. Instagram; Thanks to the new and different features it brings with the updates it makes to its application, it increases the number of users day by day. Today we will talk about how you can increase the number of organic followers.

First impressions are important to people, starting with a nice profile picture increases the likelihood of the profile being visited. Presenting a visually stylish profile to people who visit the profile also increases the likelihood that the visitor will follow you. For a stylish profile, it is necessary to share professional photos that attract attention. It is very important that your profile is displayed in the explore section in increasing the number of followers on Instagram. The way to be displayed in Discover is through receiving the interaction you shared. Posts with high engagement will help you gain organic followers. Decorating your posts with descriptions to increase engagement, using the right hasgtags, and keeping the profile active by doing them in a temporal order will increase your probability of reaching more people. In order not to lose incoming followers, it will be beneficial for you to actively share stories and produce interesting reels videos. You can organize sweepstakes to appeal to more people. Photos that are more likely to be shared by your followers increase the likelihood of your profile spreading. Sponsored advertising on Instagram is also an effective way to reach more users.