What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is an effective type of marketing that we have heard frequently lately, preferred by many companies today, and can be reached directly to potential buyers through influencers. Now, before going into the details of influencer marketing, let's talk about Influencers:

What is Influencer?

Influencer literally means "influencer". With the content they produce, influencers can influence many issues, from the attitudes and behaviors of their followers to their shopping preferences, and change their minds. Influencer can be a famous person, internet phenomenon, blogger, Youtube vlogger or Instagram celebrity. These people have a loyal following and this audience benefits from the influencer's experiences, trusts, believes and adopts their shares.

What is Influencer Marketing, Why Is It Effective?

It would not be wrong to use the term "expert of the internet" for influencers. Because their followers are influenced by what influencers experience and trust their advice. Just like in the type of marketing called word of mouth, influencers; products, services, etc. that he has tried and experienced. introduce themselves to their followers.

As for the reason why it is effective, influencers talk about the positive and negative aspects of the product they are promoting, allowing users to get to know the product closely and not have any question marks in their minds, and the party providing the product receives a feedback from the end user.

The reason why Influencer Marketing has a direct impact on the sales side is that it reaches the right audience in an effective way through the influencer channel. For example, influencer marketing will be the most effective way to promote and market a product or service to be used in this field, since a large part of the audience of an influencer who produces content for bodybuilding is also people who are interested in the same sports. So influencer marketing is the most effective way to reach potential buyers.

How to Choose a More Effective Influencer Ad?

With the latest research, it has been determined that between 40% and 45% of the world's population uses social media. As we said in the previous section, influencers are a very effective way to reach potential buyers directly. After all, the success of advertising and promotion made through influencers is obvious, but the important thing here is to work with an influencer with the right audience. With the promotion that reaches the right audience, both the sales numbers and the recognition of the product increase.

While choosing an influencer, it is very important that the number of followers is important as well as that the followers in question are real accounts, and that the comments and likes on their posts are organic. One of the influential factors here is the influencer's page profile. The fact that it is compatible with the advertised product or corporate identity, how active it is during the day and how it interacts directly affects the result. Another important issue is the promotional content. The more successfully the content is conveyed away from the feeling of being an advertisement, the greater the effect on the result obtained.