Why "tanit"?

               With the exponential increase in the volume of e-commerce in the digital age, individuals resort to the method of making their own profits by branding. Today, thanks to the ease of access to the internet, you can set up your sole proprietorship in a few days (how to set up a sole proprietorship?), create your own site or start selling easily on e-commerce sites such as Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11, Çiçeksepeti. In fact, those who sell on Instagram have also increased considerably in recent years. As a result, branding can now be done in a very practical way.

               The most important factor to be a good brand is to be original. If you are going to be a new brand, the product you choose should have differences that will make it stand out from the others in its field. Price-performance ratio and quality will appear as keywords to become a good brand. You should constantly share content specific to your product and you should not break the bond between you and your customers. Thanks to Instagram, the most used social media platform, its interactions and followers, you can create a special customer group for you, and you can introduce your new products to your customers by gaining permanent followers. In this way, your brand will not reduce its sales volume by keeping it up-to-date.

               Of course, you should not stop with this in order not to decrease your sales. If you have a very high quality product and you think it is better than other products, it is vital to reach your potential customers who do not know you at all, apart from explaining and announcing this product to your customers. There are many advertising tools for this. You can examine the advertising methods in detail on our product advertisement promotions page, which is a separate article. Most of the time, the volume of advertising you will do will increase its sales exponentially, even if your product is not different.

               It is very important that your advertising channel is efficient. As everyone knows, fake accounts have increased with the widespread use of social media. In this way, there are advertising tools that provide unfair profits, deceive brands with the number of followers, and which we think reach millions. When most brands promote products from these advertising tools, they see that the number of sales, followers and likes does not come from the shares that they think have reached millions. There are ways to spot accounts with fake followers. For this, you can review our separate article.

               Tanit is the first and only transparent influencer advertising marketplace in the world and in our country. It is the choice of brands that want to get rid of fake follower accounts and expensive and inefficient advertising tools worth thousands of dollars. At this point, we come across as the need of brands. Our influencers are our influencers who have worked with many brands, have a high sales rate, and produce quality content. When brands buy an influencer advertisement on www.tanitinfluencer.com, they will be able to indicate the results of the advertisement in the comments and reduce the influencer score if they do not get the desired effect. In this way, our influencers with low influencer ads will increase the quality of sharing in order to increase their own scores. In terms of price, influencers, which we know to be much more affordable than accounts with millions of fake followers, will be able to balance their prices in order to stand out as they will be in competition with each other. In our marketplace, which was established with the aim of increasing the product sales of brands, you can buy advertisements without contacting our valuable influencers.

               You can buy many types of influencer advertisements on social media platforms such as tiktok, youtube, twitter, facebook, especially Instagram. In addition, our influencers open the calendar in which they are available to advertise on their products. Influencers cannot share any other advertisements in the 3-hour influencer advertisement promotion reservation of the brands. In this way, we achieve our goal of keeping ad visibility at the maximum level.

               Our short-term goal as “Tanit” is to add thousands of influencer advertising sales to our platform, to present the influencer-brand meeting in the most transparent way and to double the sales of the brands. We would like to thank our influencers and brands who have been with us on this path.